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Hallie Mullen


Established in 2011, Mullen & Bergstrom is an interior design and model home merchandising firm, servicing the building and development community throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since inception, Mullen & Bergstrom has forged a reputation for quality installations and impeccable attention to detail. Backed by years of experience in the homebuilding industry, all aspects of the homebuilding process are taken into account for each uniquely creative, cohesive, and timeless project.


Mullen & Bergstrom is recognized throughout the industry for its collaborations, proudly receiving awards for excellence in marketing and merchandising, both nationally and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hallie Mullen brings a unique perspective to the merchandising community.  Before founding Mullen & Bergstrom, Mullen spent over a decade as Vice President for Centex Homes, overseeing marketing, merchandising, advertising, product development, and design studio functions. 

Homebuilding acumen and a passion for building facilitated Mullen in developing a proprietary process and unique tools to collaborate and communicate throughout development. 


This process provides unmatched value for clients and results in repeat contracts and referrals within the industry.

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